100% TEAM

I was at home the other night and I could not shut my brain off and had a vision of what Yoder’s could be like if everyone would have the vision of helping Yoder’s be so EXCELLENT that our competition could only wish for. That would take some serious TEAMWORK! Here are some scenarios:
* What would it be like if the driver helped the sale person take orders?
* What if the Garage Door Installer over heard the Client talk about a cabinet knob needing tightened and he saw he could make a quick fix and played TEAM and adjusted the knob?
* What it be like if every Yoderite was “ALL IN” and understood the strengths and weaknesses of those peers around him and was an encouragement and help to those around him rather than a critic?
* What if we all helped each other looked good and helped fill in the gaps?
* What if we all believed in each other and defended each other and trusted each other’s intentions and motives rather than made small talk about this person or department!
* Some folks are under used according to their gifts and others are under qualified. What if we recognized some of the areas that need help and offered our assistance and helped others become more successful?
* If every Yoderite understood that everybody knows their attitude no matter how they try to hide it and that those with ALL IN and TEAMWORK attitudes are so much more valuable than just the work they do. YES you heard it, you become worth more than just the work you do if you are 100% TEAM. It also works the other way!

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  1. Bob Bartholomew on February 21, 2017 at 12:34 pm

    AMEN. I have always been a team player. In SS class a few weeks ago the question was asked about Joy and Happiness and can they be the same. I said yes as I have Joy in helping others and also Happiness in being able to help others.

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