Thoughts to consider



It has been said in business, lead, follow or get out of the way.


Getting out of the way means quitting, this is not an option.


To follow, yields some positive results, however if you choose to follow you will never be the best.


The only way to be the best is to be a leader, an innovator. A true innovator seldom bows to conventional wisdom.


A leader will always seek a better ways to accomplish set goals.




Discipline vs. integrity


Discipline alone can be  benevolent or malevolent.


One might ask how can discipline be malevolent.


A successful burglar has the discipline to case a home prior to entry and has a plan for escape with the goods.


Integrity by definition, is the firm adherence to a code of especially moral values.


Those with integrity have the wisdom to choose the correct path and the courage go in that direction.


Most people who possess integrity tend to be selfless choosing the path that benefits the greater good.




Teaching vs. instilling


Integrity is difficult to teach to an adult.


It is much easier to instill integrity in a child during their formative years.





When building your team seek those with integrity, they are naturals in a team environment.


Written by Mike Denise


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