With Gary Mast deciding to leave Yoder’s and move to New York brings back a flood of memories. First of all, I want to wish Gary the very best for him and his family. Gary was at Yoder’s for 18 years. He started working on the yard stacking lumber and pulling orders. Those days were full of hard work and lots of long hours. I could tell many stories like the day we unloaded a whole truckload of lumber by hand because our forklift decided it did not want to run anymore. Gary and I drove truck together for a while. Gary did receiving, dispatcher, warehouse manager,  counter sales and then outside sales. Gary held just about every position we had at Yoder’s. Gary’s contribution to Yoder’s over the years has been great. He was a great net-worker, analyser, sales person, friend and a man of integrity. Even the way Gary is leaving Yoder’s speaks for itself in how Gary wants to do things the right way! Publicly I want to say “Thank-You Gary for all you have done for Yoder’s” We will miss you! I don’t know that I will ever be able to give anybody your sales # 311. We just might have to retire it!

Other news:

  • Katz is Friday! Lets all be prepared to make our guests feel welcome!
  • Going to Pa. next week to look at Solar Systems!
  • 757,468 so far this month. Lets keep pushing on toward the goal!

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