Achievers Versus Average

     What makes achievers excel? Why do some people skyrocket while others plummet? You know that I’m talking about. You can call it luck, blessing, or the Midas touch – call it whatever you want. But the truth is that some people just seem to achieve incredible things in spite of tremendous difficulties: They finish in the top 5 percent in nationwide sales for their company after losing key accounts. They find ingenious ways to increase profits for their department in the face of budgets cuts. They earn a graduate degree while raising two children as a single parent. They discover awesome business opportunites while colleagues don’t see any at all. Or they recruit winner after winner into their organization despite what looks like an anemic labor pool. It doesn’t matter what kind of work they do.  Wherever they are, they just seems to make things happen.

     Certainly all people like to think of themselves as above average. But achievers seem to leave “average” in the dust – so far behind them that ordinary seems a distant memory.

     What makes the difference? Why do some people achieve so much? Is it …. family background? Wealth? Opportunity? High morals? The absence of hardship?

     No, none of these things are key. When it comes right down to it, I know of only one factor that separates those who consistentlyshine from those who don’t: The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure. Nothing else has the same kind of impact on peoples ability to achieve and to accomplish whatever their minds and hearts desire.

Accept failure as the price of success today, and keep striving forward.

– John C. Maxwell

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