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Own It!

We expect authors, painters and singers to identify themselves and to sign the work they do. Are you willing to sign your work? If not, Why??? We would know who to thank or not to thank!

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Good vs. Great

I was driving to work the other  morning thinking about what Good people do versus Great people. Good people generally take the easiest route rather than the best route. Good people are more worried about people liking them right now than they are about making the best decisions for the long term best of the…

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My sister Bonnie and I were in Jamaica last weekend to see my parents and to see some of the projects we will be working on in February. We stayed up at the mission and the view and scenery was incredible! Jamaica is a very beautiful country but a country with many needs. I have…

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Over The Top!

Have you ever met anyone who was a little Over The Top! I mean they were just a little extreme. Lets see if we can name a few: Dave Ramsey –No Debt is ever acceptable! Truett Cathy — Owner of Chick fil A  decided to be Closed on Sunday because of his Christian Beliefs (the…

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Players Vs. Pretenders

If you’ve ever led people, you’ve come across followers who would rather act the part than do their part. On the surface, they appear to be productive members of the team. But if you look closely, you’ll see cracks in their façade. These people are pretenders. Pretenders do everything they can to look like players.…

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Growth vs. Coasting

Growth Vs. Coasting   How many of you have seen a really successful person or company that took life lackadaisically or just kind of coasted through life? That never happens! Your most successful people or companies are committed to excellence through change which spawns growth. People are drawn to excellence and want to be a…

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7 Qualities Of Truly Great Leaders

By Dr. Rajeev Kurapati,  January 10, 2014 4:12 AM EST The truly great leaders in this world, no matter their field, are champions many ways. We tend to define a champion as someone who is objectively “better than.” What’s often ignored, though, are the more subtle attributes of a champion, the brilliantly understated qualities of a…

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Henry James once said, “Attitude is more important than aptitude.” A productive mental attitude implies a strong unfailing conviction that your company’s products and services are absolutely superior and second to none. It implies that you have admiration, respect, and commitment to your organization, employer, and associates. It also implies a burning desire to enhance…

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Private conversations

 We live and work within a blizzard of technology. Ideas and innovation combine to offer daily solutions to our professional and personal lives for learning, for communication, for connecting, for sharing. It’s all very cool. We actually demand it, don’t we, for efficiency and competitiveness. Let me also re-emphasize that Yoder’s embraces every aspect of…

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