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For years big corporations ruled the business world-not any more. Most of them are hurting – wounded – dying – or dead. Big banks, big home builders, big auto makers, big newspapers and other big companies are under water or treading fast. The only thing sinking faster is the price of their stock! GREAT NEWS:…

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Exciting Developements!

In some ways this week feels like we are starting anew. Without J.P. Herttzler and Mike Blizzard,  Yoder’s definitely is looking at a new era. Though it is actually exciting to look at new and fresh ways to get things done. I truly understand there will be some challenges as we adjust to our lack…

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May was 2.2 million in sales and we were were able to stop the red ink from bleeding anymore. Thanks for all of you guys and gals for your hard work! Lets make June even more successful!

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Barriers to change that keep a team from executing the plan are usually created by: Outdated Systems Outdated Procedures Outdated Products Outdated People The most important part of this challenge is do some serious diligence to clearly define the barrier or barriers. This requires getting input from everyone, especially those front line employees who are dealing…

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Everybody has done a wonderful job helping out all over the place!. Thanks for making  sacrifices and helping out in other departments for the good of the whole company. THat is keeping the big picture in perspective and gets me really excited!

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Today I read that Gores Group LLC has acquired 51% share of Stock Building Supply. The requirement is for Stock to file for bankruptcy to get rid of some obligations and at the completetion be run by the Gores Group. The experts say that they expect Stock to close about 30% more of their locations.…

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Demanding Customers vs Lagging Customers

 Companies need demanding customers if they want to become great companies. Fred Wiersema, a consultant and author of The New Market Leaders: Who’s Winning and How in the Battle for Customers  calls these demanding clients “stretch customers.” Not all stretch customers are profitable for a company — nor should they be. Rather, they tend to…

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Start Quitting

Quit taking a Ride … and Take the Wheel Quit getting Comfortable … and Explore the Edge Quit Analyzing … and Follow your Intuition Quit Managing your Time … and Manage your Attention Quit showing Interest … and Commit Quit Moving … and Be Still Quit striving for Success … and Seek Significance Never Quit…

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Life Sentence

Most likely your life will be known by one sentence — Why don’t you write it now while you are living? When you were born people rejoiced and you cried. When you die, hopefully people will cry and you will rejoice.

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