Cause and Effect

I’m sure that we have all heard of that term before, but  that is what I thought of in seeing the result of last months numbers. I couldn’t help but begin to think about, “what made the difference”????…..Because candidly, I don’t see that much of an improvement in our market conditions. And the more I talked to all of you and thought about it, I think we are all seeing the effect of everyone just BUSTIN IT!! And it doesn’t seem to be attributed to any one big deal. Or any one department that is outperforming all of the rest of the team. It all comes down to the net effect of working really hard! The working together as a team – effect! Personally, one thing that I love about challenging situations, is that there is a direct visible effect to the decisions we make. Here at YBS, we have chosen to not just accept what has happened to our economy, we are doing something about it. We aren’t just sitting around thinking about the fact that there is less work in our industry, we are looking for addtional potential that we haven’t gotten, and then we are going after it!! Most of the time it is very hard work! Especially as we work at doing things that we haven’t had to do in the past. Or work with people in our industry that we haven’t worked with in the past. But, it does have an effect. A POSITIVE EFFECT! And although we are celebrating what happened last month, I think it is an indication of what we can anticipate in the future. Last months numbers didn’t happen because of decisons that were made last month. Most of the results where the effect of decisions made earlier that revolved around working hard, working smart and working with purpose. So as we continue to work smart, work hard and work with purpose, and I believe that we will see a lot more positive effects!!!!!!

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  1. Harley Yoder on June 4, 2009 at 4:57 am

    That fires me up!!!

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