Compared to the Unattainable!


The easiest way to sell yourself short is to compare your work to the competition. To say that you are 5% cheaper or have one or two features that stand out–this is a formula for slightly better mediocrity.

The goal ought to be to compare yourself not to the best your peers or the competition has managed to get, but to  unattainable excellence!  Compared to that, how are you doing?

Here is the question?

Stand out or fit in?

Not all the time, and never at the same time, but it’s always a choice.

Those that choose to fit in should expect to avoid criticism (and be ignored). Those that stand out should expect neither.

When organizations take away all flexibility and power from their frontline employees, they’re depriving the people with the highest leverage from doing the most important thing: Caring!   

As some of you experience at Yoder’s, sometimes this management model creates frustration from perceived lack of guidance. The alternative is worse! Policies and procedures that alienate the consumer!


The main focus should be on what you need to do today to win tomorrow!


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