Dealing With Change!


1.Change is inevitable and always produces a positive or negative energy.

2.Change is in constant motion; don’t let it become a commotion.Be ready for it, anticipate!

3. Change is often found in cycles..(seasons of life)

4.Change is often messy to start with like changing a diaper but the end result is better for everyone. Failure is often the catalyst for change.

5. Change is linked closely with adaptation. When a business can adapt quickly it may mean the difference between survival and death. Adaptation is linked closely with diversification.

6.To process change we need clear thinking which comes from clean living and a few solid relationships. People who tell you the truth and not just what you want to hear.

7.Change can happen quicker with personal accountability in work,home,and church. Debrief with your team after a project.

8.Change happens when we believe!! If you believe in your team they will grow and adapt. You are the only person that can initiate real change in your work habits, rules and structure can help and guide but only YOU can change YOU!!

By:  Gary Mast

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