Delivering on NEVER!

I will never miss a deadline.

I will never leave a typo.

I will never fail to warn you about a possible pitfall.

I will never charge you more than the competition.

I will never violate a confidence.

I will never let you down.

I will never be late for a meeting.

There are lots of sorts of never you can deliver to a customer. You can’t deliver all of them, of course. Picking your never and sticking with it is a fabulous way to position yourself.

Basic Principle of Selling:

When the outcome of a conversation is in doubt, don’t do it by email. The  face to face conversation gives you the chance to change your tone in midstream. Ask questions. A great question is usually better than a good answer. This especially applies to sales. It is a lot easier to say NO through an email or phonecall than face to face. Basic principle of selling is face to face!

Upcoming Events:

  • Prefriday Labor day sale on September the 2nd!
  • Inventory September 23rd! 🙂


1/3 of the new jobs set up since May of 2010 are from new customers! That is truly amazing! Lets us all make sure our new customers know everything we do! If we do not tell them, we are doing them and our co-workers a disservice.



What If:

  • What if Noah had said, “I can’t build a boat?”
  • What if Abraham had said, “I can’t relocate at this stage in my life?”
  • What if David had said, “I can’t fight that giant…he’s too big!”
  • What if Nehemiah had said, “I can’t build a wall around an entire city!”
  • What if Peter had said, “I denied Christ, I can’t preach to all of these people on the Day of Pentecost.”
  • What if Paul had said, “I can’t write down what I feel the Spirit leading me to write; after all, who would actually read the words of a former murderer?”

The Bible is FULL of people who refused to focus on their inability…and chose to believe in God’s ability working through them.  AND…I believe if Christians would step up and do the same then we would see what Jesus said in John 14:12 become more and more of a reality.

HE CAN…and in Him we can!

So…shut up with the “I can’t” and do what He’s called you to do…life is too short and hell is too hot for Christians to screw around with their own insecurities and fears!

HE CAN!!!  And He wants to do it through you!

By the way “23 Minutes in Hell” is a good read!

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