Good vs. Great

I was driving to work the other  morning thinking about what Good people do versus Great people.

  • Good people generally take the easiest route rather than the best route.
  • Good people are more worried about people liking them right now than they are about making the best decisions for the long term best of the team and company.
  • Good people don’t want to make a lot of waves.
  • Good people do not like controversy.
  • Good people are often promoted to run good companies because they are likable.
  • Great people are promoted because they are respected.
  • Great people are different than most.
  • Great people are always thinking. “How can I grow?” and “How can I better my team?”
  • People are attracted to great people.
  • Great people don’t try to be different – they just have a higher sense of excellence and are willing to pay the price!
  • Good companies have the standard good policies and good people.
  • Great companies have a core of great people that are allowed to make decisions that make a difference!
  • Folks are not wowed by good. It is expected.
  • Folks are amazed at great!
  • Great does not just happen – sometimes it takes a lot of thought and practice!
  • Great cares more than good.
  • Great puts it on the line.
  • Great is “All In”.
  • Great people can be found on every level!!!!!
  • Great people often start at the bottom.
  • Great people often want to earn the right to lead.
  • Great people know how to find their sweet spot. Jerry Rice (Arguably the best NFL receiver of all time) was not the quarterback!
  • Great people know their strengths.
  • More importantly, Great people know their weaknesses.
  • Good people often allow themselves to be over promoted and loose their sweet spot.
  • An organization is not Great without Great people at every level in the organization!
  • Great organizations continue to lead change.
  • Good organizations follow.

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