I was talking to Patrick Westbrook the other day and we started talking about the different opportunities in the market. The economy looks like it will be challenged for a while, but there are still houses, apartments, schools, medical building etc. being built. When I look at all the competiton in our area, I start to understand all the opportunity that is still in the market.

I think we all at Yoder’s need to face this fact. All the clients that are buying from our competition have to feel that what our competition provides has more value (real or percieved) than what we at Yoder’s provide or we have not got out our message yet. Ouch! That gives me heartburn! I truly believe that Yoder’s has the best team in the market. Obviously, We have not portrayed that to all clients in every case.

The only solution to that problem is hard work. We have to work hard getting our message out to all clients building anything! We can’t sit here and expect it to walk in the door or fall in our lap. Most people take the path of least resistance. We are located in Fair Play. Clients have to make a more concerted effort to come see us. We are worth it! There is lots of business to go get! I can name at least 15 competitors within a 30 mile range of our store! That means there are a lot of clients that feel their is more value somewhere else . So when you hear there is no new business out there, just know it is completely HOGWASH! All we have to do is go get it!

July 27th — We are going to go get it in Cashiers! You might want to find out what is so exciting about Cashiers and the opportunities that day!

August 20th — The Katz Roadshow! Dude, that day will be amazing! That day lots of opportunity will be walking in our door. Lets be ready to take advantage!

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