In Spite Of

In spite of:

–       The worst economy since the Great Depression, you have kept YBS a successful and healthy business……

–       Being in one of the worst industries in the economy, you have kept YBS successful and healthy……

–       Big challenges on pricing, you have found a way to make profitable sales…..

–       Having to be creative and think “out of the box”, you make it happen without having ever done it before……

–       Being located in Fair Play, you have made this a destination…..

–       We START selling at least 15 miles away, you deliver the products with excellence…..

–       Having a very diversified and complicated business, you continue to keep it as simple as possible….

–       Having to operate without any extra staff, you make it happen and happen with excellence…..

–       Being told that you can’t, you figure out how we can…..

You are THE DREAM TEAM! Thanks for all that YOU do!

Chris Yoder

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