In the Meantime!

According to the dictionary the phrase “In The Meantime” means: the period of time between two things; the period of time between now and when something is supposed to happen.

Have you ever felt like you were in the “Meantime”. Like you were in the middle waiting for something to happen. It is hard to be patient. Sometimes I feel like a kid in a car asking Daddy “Are we there yet?”

So many times I just want to get to the “other side”, but God is saying “I want you right here and I want you to be faithful.”  I need to trust Jesus with the “Meantime” as He is the one who helps us get to the “other side”. I believe the “Meantime” is important to God! How do we get to the other side? God takes us to the “other side.” We don’t take ourselves there with knowledge or planning, but by His grace.

I know in the housing Industry, a lot of people have jumped ship and moved to other careers. I am not critisizing other than that I feel like we are starting to be able to see the “other side”. There are benefits to getting to the “other side”.

When the disciples were in the storm, they didn’t jump ship—they stayed in the boat. 

I know one thing I am guilty of and that is not celebrating enough victories. We need to celebrate the victories and the good things that happen!

Tell me how you want to celebrate in July! I am open to ideas.

One thing we are starting to plan for is a company outing with your families at our place on August 31st for the Clemson/Georgia Game! 

Skeet shooting and a corn hole tournament on the afternoon and then food and football that evening on a big screen!

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