Keys to success!!

As I was thinking about some of the keys to success here are some of the simple things that we all need to remember:

  • Everybody is a salesperson!! Truckdrivers can often make the biggest impact because they see the clients often. It is how we answer the phone to how easy it is for someone to pay their bill that can be the turning point on whether somone enjoys doing business with Yoder’s!
  • Get out of the office!!! If your in your office you are not selling!!!
  • Ask for the sale!! Our clients want to know that we want their business.
  • Know your value!!! That means provide the value that makes the difference!
  • Promote your team!!! Give credit to the team members that help make it happen!
  • Change direction when needed! Stay light on your feet! Be willing to adapt. “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” — Thomas Jefferson
  • Partner with our Vendors- Making them a part of our team sometimes requires long range commitments.

Events coming up:

  • Contractor Appreciation Evening on Thursday the 19th!!! BE there ready to serve!

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