Make Sure You Are Clear With Everything You Say To Customers

Early on a cold winter morning, Jim found the battery in his car had died because he had left the lights on all night long.

He ran back into his house to get his wife to give him a hand starting the car. He quickly discovered he could not find his battery jumper cables so he told her to get into her car and push his so he could get started.

He told her that bacause his car had an automatic transmission, it needed to be pushed at least 30 mph for it to start. She said fine, got in her car, and took off.

Jim sat there astounded, fuming, and wondering where she had gone. A minute passed by when he saw her in his rearview mirror coming at him at least at 30 mph. He realized then that he should have been alot clearer with his directions.

Do not take communications with your customers for granted. Make sure you are clear and they understand everything you tell them.

– Bob Janet, Sales Growth Now.

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