New Month!!

Wow! Wasn’t March awesome! We absolutely blew through our sales goal for March! Lets do the same thing for April! 2 million for April! I know we are are operating really lean and I appreciate every body’s hard work and taking care of our clients. Every body that comes in to Yoder’s needs to have a great experience! I so much appreciate every team member here at Yoders (that includes Westminster) I see people that really care and are going way above and beyond to make sure we exceed our clients expectations. It is one thing to sell something –It is another to see it all the way through and make sure it is a success. You guys are good at it.

One more thing-I spent all of last week in shipping! Lavern Troyer is the Man! 

PS. Ed Broyles is riding to the beach on his bicycle in June for the 2010 Ride for Life! We need some more brave souls to join us on the 300 mile trek to the beach over 3 days for a great cause. It will be a total blast!

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