New Outlook

The last couple of weeks working in shipping has been an eye opening experience! It has been very good to reconnect with operations again and getting involved and making things happen from a delivery and customer service stand point. I have learned a couple of things that has been really cool. One is that performance still matters and we have some of the best performers in the industry. I have a lot of confidence in our Delivery Personel to make great decisions out on the job. Cabinet Makers, Installed Sales Installers, Truck Drivers, Order Pullers, Customer Service are elements of operations that need to perform at a excellent level on a daily basis. These guys are awesome.

        Now I fully understand that without sales, operations has nothing to do. It truly was and is a pleasure to deal with our sales people. They  operate as a team helping dispatch out of some tough spots we get ourselves in and hopefully dispatch can help sales look good as well. I truly am thankful for the people we have at Yoder’s. When we all operate with a high standard of excellence! it sure is fun and it helps build momentum. Not sure we will meet our goal for April but i feel the momentum of some really hard work starting to pay off. Actually i think we can do better so the new sales goal for May is 2.2m.

Ps. Chad Overholt is kicking tail as our new dispatcher!

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