For years big corporations ruled the business world-not any more. Most of them are hurting – wounded – dying – or dead.

Big banks, big home builders, big auto makers, big newspapers and other big companies are under water or treading fast. The only thing sinking faster is the price of their stock!

GREAT NEWS: This economic situation has created the biggest opportunity for small businesses in the past 100 years.We have the opportunity to outsell and out serve the giant of your choice. While they are busy cutting everything, guarding shareholder value, and their employees are guarding their desk and their job, NO ONE is guarding their customers (AKA: the lifeblood of their and your business) IS that cool or what?

Here is a list of what we have to do in order to out do these times. (and for all times)

  • OUT THINK–Just think for your customer rather than yourself or your job!
  • OUT HUSTLE–This is your game plan: “Get up early. Stay up late. Talk to every customer you ever had. (That includes operations like truck drivers,  accounting and pullers etc..)
  • OUT SELL–Yoder’s has to be a consistent value provider in order to be able to earn the business when the time is right
  • OUT SERVE– Now is the time to increase service.
  • OUT DELIVER–Do what ever it takes to make it happen
  • OUT COMMUNICATE–just be like Harley on this one. 🙂 actually you will have a lot more success if you pattern after Chris Yoder
  • OUT TRUTH–The more truth you tell your customers both external and internal, the more they will respect you and remain loyal to you.

If we all take this phylosophy in how we go about business, there will come a time when we will all be on a rocket ship!

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