Over The Top!

Have you ever met anyone who was a little Over The Top! I mean they were just a little extreme. Lets see if we can name a few:

Dave Ramsey –No Debt is ever acceptable!

Truett Cathy — Owner of Chick fil A  decided to be Closed on Sunday because of his Christian Beliefs (the biggest dining out day of the week)

Nick Vujicic — International Speaker (born without limbs) It would be hard not to hide in your house all day feeling sorry for yourself!

Neil Armstrong — Crazy guy thought he could fly to the moon

Isn’t it remarkable when we meet a “Over The Top” person? You have no doubt what their life passion is about. People are drawn to them. Folks are amazed at their commitment level to their goal, belief , passion, job or way of life.

Okay so the real question is: What would you like to accomplish? What are you willing to sacrifice for? What are you willing to stand up for? What are you willing to bleed for? What are you willing to be  unreasonable about? If you are not willing, it is probably just a wish or a pipe dream?

I want to be “Over The Top” about  Yoder’s Building Services! To be the Best in what we do and when folks interact with us, they leave us knowing they were just in touch with an  exceptional organization with exceptional people who care about delivering value with excellence!

Lets be a little crazy about how we serve our clients?

Dates to Remember:

Friday, August 29th — Yoder’s will be having our annual Labor Day Sale

Monday, September 1st — Closed for Labor Day

Friday, September 26th, — Yoders will be closed for Inventory. All hands on Deck!

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