Spring always brings activity! I love this time of the year! There is always freshness in the air. It is crisp in the mornings. The sun starts to shine and people start moving and getting ideas how they can improve their homes. Projects come to surface. New Homes get started. Remodeling gets under way. Yoder’s has an opportunity to get involved in all these different areas of building and improving people’s living spaces. I am excited about our team at Yoder’s! Hands down we have the best people in our industry! We have the opportunity to provide value to the projects because of our knowledge and expertise but most of all because we care! In this market we hear price is everything. I would counter that value is everything! ALL people would rather deal with people who make a difference! I am so proud of our team! We have great people on the front lines and we have great people leading them. Use every opportunity to make a difference! Know your value! Here are some events coming up:

  • April 24th Floyd and Ellen Yoder back in the USA!!!
  • May 1-3 Owners Round-table (I always learn so much)
  • May 19th – Contractors Dinner (I am really excited about this evening!)


There is lot to be learned about a company or individual on a slow day.

think you can learn a lot about an organization when you watch what they do on a slow day, a day when there’s no crisis, not a lot of incoming tasks.

Sure, when we’re reacting and it’s all hands on deck, things seem as if they’re really moving.

But what about in the lulls? Do we take the opportunity to initiate or do we just sit and wait for the next crisis?

If you have ten minutes unscheduled and the phone isn’t ringing, what do you do?

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