The tyranny of low price!


If you build your business around being the lowest-cost provider, that’s all you’ve got. Everything you do has to be a race in that direction, because if you veer toward anything else (service, excellence of delivery, knowledgeable advice.) then a competitor with a more single-minded focus will sell your commodity cheaper than you.

Cheapest price is the refuge for the marketer with no ideas left or no guts to implement the ideas she has.

Everyone needs to sell at a fair price. But unless you’ve found a commodity that must remain a commodity, a fair price is not always the lowest price. Not when you understand that price is just one of the many tools available.

A short version of this riff: The low-price leader really doesn’t need someone with your skills.

Couple of Thoughts:

  • Email is for information not communication! Quoted by Patrick Westbrook


  • The SC Ride For Life is in 3 weeks. Consider helping to sponsor Chad Overholt or Mike Stoltzfus on this ride. This benefits the Foothills pregnancy Center! It is their biggest fundraiser of the year.

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