True Professionals don’t fear Amateurs!

Professional farmers don’t fear the backyard gardener. That would be silly! Professional photographers shouldn’t fear the hobbyists.

If we have worked hard at our career (as a Sales Person, Accounting, Installed Sales Specialist, Truck Driver, Customer Service) and are professional with our systems and organization of how we do our job, there is no reason for fear! The Professionals, those with real talent, will use the technological shift to increase their excellence level and their professionalism (systems and organization).

The best Professional loves when a passionate amateur shows up. He/She has enough confidence to help the amateur along knowing that building bridges and networking is key to his/her success. The archaic idea that we will only survive if we keep others pushed down is false! Instead become innovative, organized, passionate, goal-oriented, flexible and systematic with your clients! Keep record of your progress! No New Year resolution is ever kept without record keeping!

 The clarity and the intelligence of a smart customer pushes us to do a better work.



If you are getting upset because the amateurs are doing what you used to, get used to getting angry!




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