Y2 to Y1

Yesterday and today, Chris and I have been very busy trying to communicate everything that needs to be communicated to the people that are directly effected before they hear it through the grape vine. Here is the official word. (so the grape vine can wither away and DIE!) As some of you may know, Yoder’s Insulation Department has ceased to exist today. We have shut down all of our insulation operations today. The toughest part is that it effects employees and their families. The positive part about this change is Stone, and Drywall sales will be moving to Fair Play! I am very excited about the positive effect of having the whole sales team in one central location. I believe it provides for better communication, better team work, better use of resources, as well as the advantages of some effeciences that could be gained. The Cabinet Shop and storage of cabinets will move to the warehouse in Westminster. That way Yoder’s will have all manufacturing in one location. Sometimes when you feel like you wish the Leadership of Yoders would communicate things quicker before you hear it through the dreaded and not so reliable grapevine, just know that we are trying to get to the affected people first and trying to have a face to face presence before it is announced to the world.

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